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8 hari yang lalu
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Yuh_king_mally 16 jam yang lalu
I am a fan of golden hoops
MarsTsunami 3
MarsTsunami 3 16 jam yang lalu
Is it just me or we she says I am a fan of golden hoops I say me too 😁
Francis John Payan
Francis John Payan 16 jam yang lalu
martha requena
martha requena 17 jam yang lalu
8:58 klay Thompson gets injured warrior's up by three gets fouled would been up by 3 but instead he gets injured leaves game if he stays in do the Warriors win this game
Justin Fred
Justin Fred 17 jam yang lalu
Waited the whole vid for something to happen lol
eww errr
eww errr 17 jam yang lalu
Song name from 2:10? Please!
your mother
your mother 17 jam yang lalu
you should have left the negative shit out
Jean-Franco Jimenez
Jean-Franco Jimenez 18 jam yang lalu
Bro bron always was pissed at rio
KILLER & SOUL SPIRIT 18 jam yang lalu
Why is Westbrook so disrespectful for his fans:(?
Angelo E
Angelo E 18 jam yang lalu
Wilson Xu
Wilson Xu 18 jam yang lalu
I am a fan of golden hoops
crazy lazy
crazy lazy 18 jam yang lalu
Anuard Torres
Anuard Torres 18 jam yang lalu
happy to see hornets getting so much attention
J_Songz201 IG
J_Songz201 IG 19 jam yang lalu
All this not one fist fight, nba is soft now
Sendy Pratama
Sendy Pratama 19 jam yang lalu
Schedule nba is a 🔥 tetap jaga stamina 🙏
John Look
John Look 19 jam yang lalu
2 players going at it in the buble now they got injuired
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 19 jam yang lalu
Adrian Lazaro
Adrian Lazaro 19 jam yang lalu
Great Dane
Great Dane 19 jam yang lalu
Same videos just change the title of the video jizzzz
bitchitsap 4
bitchitsap 4 20 jam yang lalu
Let’s just go ahead and say it. Giannis Antetokounmpo really wack😕
Sebastián Gajardo
Sebastián Gajardo 20 jam yang lalu
Wtf morris is in all the videos
Konkor KK
Konkor KK 20 jam yang lalu
I really can't understand what is going on with these injuries. I mean every single all-star or good player is hurt. Something just doesn't feel right...
JXPR 20 jam yang lalu
That first season with the Lakers was when I lost almost all respect for Bron. The plays he was making stemmed from a lack of effort. As soon as his team hit adversity, he actually gave up. I remember him sitting away from everyone on the bench. Not what a leader does
DatTBoi NUk
DatTBoi NUk 20 jam yang lalu
Matouš Pullo
Matouš Pullo 20 jam yang lalu
This is part of what will bring the glory back to the best pro sport on the planet. Let em play. It’s just sports.
Jahred Martin
Jahred Martin 21 jam yang lalu
who made ds video? Embiid haters?? 😂😂 crying Embiid ahaha 😂
wolfie09 21 jam yang lalu
Irving hace altas jugadas
KearnelB 21 jam yang lalu
I still can’t believe that fan walked up to Westbrook like that ON THE FLOOR .
KearnelB 21 jam yang lalu
Did Blake ever admit if that was intentional or not ? Lmao .
Julien Eymard Magbanua
Julien Eymard Magbanua 21 jam yang lalu
Kawhi's injury Is like one of the first injuries in the nba and is also one of the famous injuries of the season and its not here
da wilson
da wilson 21 jam yang lalu
Gotta tag flight 😂❕
Jordan Sherrick
Jordan Sherrick 21 jam yang lalu
I have a feeling Trae young isn't liked by his teammates.Dude hits a game winner and no one Celebrates with him
Angelo Borbonga
Angelo Borbonga 22 jam yang lalu
murry had a non contact foul right?
Why Me
Why Me 22 jam yang lalu
Moral: nobody likes harden having eyes
KearnelB 22 jam yang lalu
Why wiseman fall like that lmaoooo , I thought he was KO .
jfor3 22 jam yang lalu
Miss you Murray
_ Xds4325 _
_ Xds4325 _ 22 jam yang lalu
Terrence Ross one of those people who if u haven't watched his team play you'd have no idea man had hops
E.C. Moore
E.C. Moore 22 jam yang lalu
Binyomin Genut
Binyomin Genut 22 jam yang lalu
I'm a big fan of Golden hoops
Neri_Original 23 jam yang lalu
2:30 the way Steph screamed 😂
GutharNBA 23 jam yang lalu
Why are those commentators so naive? First clip: "He's not doing anything wrong" LMAO! He could go down so much earlier, of course that it's a provocation.
Sep 23 jam yang lalu
no more music please
Kevin Åhr
Kevin Åhr 23 jam yang lalu
Grande Campazzo!!!
N9èls 23 jam yang lalu
Kanter beefs to much dude ain’t even finna do nothing
MadHP Gaming
MadHP Gaming 23 jam yang lalu
XtraUnormal 23 jam yang lalu
*COVID* really screwed with their off season time. This season was rushed. They had a short amount of time to rest their bodies and a short amount of time to get their bodies back into season shape. That's why there are so many injuries. No one has healed up properly.
Robert Simpson
Robert Simpson 23 jam yang lalu
too many ads dude
Marqi Blount
Marqi Blount 23 jam yang lalu
buzz saw (circular saw)
Jofrey Lupul
Jofrey Lupul 23 jam yang lalu
David Kramer
David Kramer 23 jam yang lalu
Cavs fan and I still think he got screwed in Game 1 2018 Finals....they reversed a charge/block, K-Love fouled Steph Curry for an And-1 with 20 seconds left...if he didn't LeBron would've had the last shot with the game tied...Hill misses a free throw, I was so pissed about all that I didn't even notice JR Smith's blunder in real time
Super Snipergg
Super Snipergg Hari Yang lalu
Rip the goat
roy oquendo
roy oquendo Hari Yang lalu
Cool vid, but no one is gonna talk about how players and refs are immune to covid??!! What are they taking??
who? me?
who? me? Hari Yang lalu
Almost impossible to watch it, 4 ads before it finished.
mmk Hari Yang lalu
bron reminds me of a soccer player
Gabriel Lockett
Gabriel Lockett Hari Yang lalu
5:28 I'm pretty sure he stepped out
Henry Ezekhiel Go
Henry Ezekhiel Go Hari Yang lalu
Lebron is a better playmaker, like a second coach on the floor. In my opinion KD doesn't have leadership mentality. That's why it's good to have a superteam with him.
Emil Dockter
Emil Dockter Hari Yang lalu
Steph watches Golden Hoops confirmed......
Fristian San Antonio
Fristian San Antonio Hari Yang lalu
elionan Hari Yang lalu
só jogador caro
Leonard Leonardo
Leonard Leonardo Hari Yang lalu
Faultzxc always have injury shizz
C14sher R
C14sher R Hari Yang lalu
Was Joel embid crying?
C14sher R
C14sher R Hari Yang lalu
Emmanuel Blaise
Emmanuel Blaise Hari Yang lalu
thouxanbandmike Hari Yang lalu
That Luka shot was luck. He couldn't have made that shot again.
Yeah Nah
Yeah Nah Hari Yang lalu
Even though the hornets are not gonna go to the finals I want the hella hype hornets commentator, eric Collins I think his name is and mike breen to commentate the finals. Imagine how hype it would be.
A M Hari Yang lalu
Ever notice how people go super crazy in the crowd whenever LeBron hits a 3-pointer, but everybody else, unless it's a clutch moment, even the announcer is like: "Aaaand so&so with a 3..." - - - LeBron though, "OH MY GOD, KING JAMES. KING JAMES HAS SPOKEN!" It's like... really? I mean, we're all aware he's something like a basketball god, but really? ... nobody else gets any love? For real?
E B Hari Yang lalu
Jokic gets slapped and he slapped back just to show the refs I like that
Christian Hari Yang lalu
I had a parlay on that Nets Lakers game, kyrie got thrown out and i lost 50 bucks on him hittin 25 :(
J. Bennett
J. Bennett Hari Yang lalu
God and Jesus are great read the Bible Jesus is coming back soon turn your life to God before its to late
J. Bennett
J. Bennett Hari Yang lalu
God and Jesus are great read the Bible Jesus is coming back soon turn your life to God before its to late
Kaleo Wilchcombe
Kaleo Wilchcombe Hari Yang lalu
if you gotta play dirty I'm sorry but in my eyes, that automatically makes you a bottom-tier player.
BankedThatShot Hari Yang lalu
they really meant last point for Kobe didn’t they, rip.
LOCO Hari Yang lalu
Best thing that has happened this season
Anikieth Datla
Anikieth Datla Hari Yang lalu
How tf did this man's block Boban, what in the world.
J. Bennett
J. Bennett Hari Yang lalu
God and Jesus are great read the Bible Jesus is coming back soon turn your life to God before its to late
Silver hoops
Silver hoops Hari Yang lalu
Golden hoops i have been a fan for five years so can u make a miles bridges video pls
Willie Smith
Willie Smith Hari Yang lalu
That last slap is a flagrant????? WEAK!!!!!
Richard Alicea
Richard Alicea Hari Yang lalu
🥲🥲🥲🥲 bad year on NBA a lot of injuries
Lix Hari Yang lalu
0:25 The 1st pick dunks on the 2nd
MemphisSZN Hari Yang lalu
Everyone in the comment. Follow me @Lsodiorr_ on IG
W. 13th
W. 13th Hari Yang lalu
Strait up, tho. I'm grateful for all of the good content but playlists, bro. Plz