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NBA "Refs be Trippin!" MOMENTS
NBA "Trickshots!" MOMENTS
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NBA "Nostalgia!" MOMENTS
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15 hari yang lalu
15 hari yang lalu
NBA "Don't be Petty!" MOMENTS
NBA "Built Different!" MOMENTS
NBA "Filthy Move, Bro!" MOMENTS
NBA "Luck or Skill?!” MOMENTS
Allahyar 22 jam yang lalu
Rookies talking smack to superstars ?? Love the videos btw! You stay killing it, GH FOR MVP
Batur GunL
Batur GunL 22 jam yang lalu
8:11 Nurkic can jump 35-40 cm max
Interesting videos TV
Interesting videos TV 22 jam yang lalu
we will miss PLAYOFF JAMAL MURRAY!!! that's sad
RaZe_Quake 22 jam yang lalu
Hopefully the bucks win the chip but this year there’s like 90 good teams so probably not
Aset Berdybek
Aset Berdybek 22 jam yang lalu
one of the best
SuperboyGamer173 23 jam yang lalu
If golden hoops hits 1M subs before august I will eat rotten cheese
Xian Carl
Xian Carl 23 jam yang lalu
Solid Warrior's fans🌉👌🏻#BoyOakland #Raiders
Riley Dotson
Riley Dotson 23 jam yang lalu
This isn't an exaggeration...this gave me goose bumps. I can't wait to hear a playoff crowd even if it isn't full capacity. I've missed the road of a crowd
panda chleba
panda chleba 23 jam yang lalu
6:21 Polish hammer :)) 🇵🇱🇵🇱🇵🇱
Michael Gregory
Michael Gregory 23 jam yang lalu
Damn i forgot the magic made the playoffs
King Divo
King Divo 23 jam yang lalu
“I am the biggest fan of golden hoops”
Gucci Gamez
Gucci Gamez 23 jam yang lalu
Golden hoops needs to do a 800k subscriber special
E Bennett
E Bennett 23 jam yang lalu
For me, the ones that hustle are Steph, Draymond and JTA. I love what Juan Toscano Anderson is doing. I see a lot of potential in him. So glad that they are offering him a formal contract.
Sritan Devineni
Sritan Devineni 23 jam yang lalu
0:50 again with this... HE DIDN'T CLEAR TACKO
Shiv Harish Prabaharan
Shiv Harish Prabaharan 23 jam yang lalu
Why tf is Embiid's weak ass windmill in here
Brandon Poirier
Brandon Poirier 23 jam yang lalu
Why didn’t he put anything from the bubble
Jamal Matthews
Jamal Matthews 23 jam yang lalu
4:57 Back when Alex Caruso had hair.
Jacob Harper
Jacob Harper Hari Yang lalu
Is golden hoops a blazers hater
Santiago Alfaro
Santiago Alfaro Hari Yang lalu
Giannis is unreal
CallMeGabriel Hari Yang lalu
Pro's dont always do smart things i mean look at javale
Jamal Matthews
Jamal Matthews Hari Yang lalu
Loved 1:46. He knows the rules.
Andrés RG
Andrés RG Hari Yang lalu
No 2018 LBJ playoffs highlights ??? WTF ???
Brian Matthews
Brian Matthews Hari Yang lalu
And I hope Udoke Azubuike had success in the nba like Embiid is having
Brian Matthews
Brian Matthews Hari Yang lalu
Giannis is unreal athletic
Mayank Manikam
Mayank Manikam Hari Yang lalu
1:42 is the best move of Kyrie in the whole video🤩🤩🤩
Red Balboa
Red Balboa Hari Yang lalu
You passed the ball to the ref you got a T, dont passed the ball to ref, still got a T...
JRB Drums
JRB Drums Hari Yang lalu
Golden Hoops Hits Different.
K2 3
K2 3 Hari Yang lalu
Bro i am a Westbrook fan since I start watching basketball man he’s just an goat that’s it man
L.V Raka
L.V Raka Hari Yang lalu
How did washington even get into the playoffs
Ebk Solo
Ebk Solo Hari Yang lalu
Ja Morant lookn like Iverson 🤔🧐
Dj Rawls
Dj Rawls Hari Yang lalu
Only thing good in 2018 was the playoffs
Poofy Artz
Poofy Artz Hari Yang lalu
so where was the kyrie clutch 3 against the warriors in the 2016 NBA Finals, Kawhi leonards legendary game winner against the 76ers in the 2nd round of the 2019 nba playoffs, and the damian lillard deep 3 game winner against the okc thunder in the 2019 nba playoffs? good video tho :>
Roshan Lobo
Roshan Lobo Hari Yang lalu
Can someone explain this to me... Giannis took 8 steps and bounced the ball only once, why was travel not called?
Someguy Hari Yang lalu
Nurkic was getting abused the entire video 💀💀💀
ADHD Toad Hari Yang lalu
Alternate title: Anthony Davis bullying Jusuf Nurkic (among other things)
KKFutball Hari Yang lalu
This is what is say when I get a shooting foul in 2k
Joker Madridista
Joker Madridista Hari Yang lalu
This highlights just remind me how much I love NBA
Titan loft TV
Titan loft TV Hari Yang lalu
Always present Boss
Awesomeness Network
Awesomeness Network Hari Yang lalu
I still cannot believe that the Lakers are now a play-in team and LeBron can face Steph!
Will Douglas
Will Douglas Hari Yang lalu
No bubble highlights🤣
Ryan Chen
Ryan Chen Hari Yang lalu
Keep grinding with these vids and you'll get 1 mil in no time 😤💯
Harlem IntheBuildn
Harlem IntheBuildn Hari Yang lalu
Aditya Sharma
Aditya Sharma Hari Yang lalu
I am so hype for the playoffs. Only two weeks left!!!
x x
x x Hari Yang lalu
Giannis travelled after intercepting that pass. Nice dunk though.
Isaac Oluwapojuwo
Isaac Oluwapojuwo Hari Yang lalu
Part 2!!!
Travis McCoy
Travis McCoy Hari Yang lalu
I'm a fan of gold hoop🤔
The Life of Lee Sin
The Life of Lee Sin Hari Yang lalu
3:39 Love the Kevin Love reaction to James dunk xD
Gavin Nino
Gavin Nino Hari Yang lalu
This video different because there's no fans 😢
K3S Hari Yang lalu
I don’t even remember the Pistons making the playoffs with that team
julian pajo
julian pajo Hari Yang lalu
no game win😥
RJ. Barrett
RJ. Barrett Hari Yang lalu
Golden Hoops hit different
Leroy Peter
Leroy Peter Hari Yang lalu
stephen curry
stephen curry Hari Yang lalu
Let’s go curry
vanessa taylor
vanessa taylor Hari Yang lalu
@devon patterson its a japanese skin bleaching lotion It says in the article the hollywood african american celebrities are using it because it changes their skin color from dark skin to light skin mixed race. They deny it though probably because they dont want anybody to know they are lightening their skin just like nobody admits to having plastic surgery i guess.
caoimhin shankeysmith
caoimhin shankeysmith Hari Yang lalu
Nicolas Escobedo
Nicolas Escobedo Hari Yang lalu
It’s so fun to hear crowds of people be loud and cheer and watch guys play basketball and just have fun.
Braxton Hook
Braxton Hook Hari Yang lalu
I have no respect for raptor fans for cheering for injurys
Dylan Reichley
Dylan Reichley Hari Yang lalu
4:12 Scientists are still trying to figure out the physics of that Adebayo block.
Penguin Master
Penguin Master Hari Yang lalu
Golden Hoops Deserves a Ring his videos are 🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Sнαdσω Hari Yang lalu
NEW name miles bridge's posturing everyone
Thirdy Grino
Thirdy Grino Hari Yang lalu
1:00 the bench be like:😦
Henny God
Henny God Hari Yang lalu
Another day, another masterpiece from Golden Hoops
Prometheus Peanut
Prometheus Peanut Hari Yang lalu
That flop by Lebrenda James is so telling. Soft as baby shit
nick gallam
nick gallam Hari Yang lalu
Do you really have a golden hoop
BRasor Hari Yang lalu
Let’s goooooo Giannis plays good vid my friend
Alex Rodriguez
Alex Rodriguez Hari Yang lalu
Ik it would be a big problem but I'd like to see the refs get decked every once & a while
Ben Ukrainitz
Ben Ukrainitz Hari Yang lalu
Stop posting about giannis so much man
Charles Schoenvogel
Charles Schoenvogel Hari Yang lalu
Lamelo is underatted n 2k
Ben Ukrainitz
Ben Ukrainitz Hari Yang lalu
Too much giannis as usual... you have to do something about it. His plays arent impressive hes just tall
caoimhin shankeysmith
caoimhin shankeysmith Hari Yang lalu
@Paparros not every possession at least
Paparros Hari Yang lalu
do you see tacko fall , capela , jokic etc do the same things my friend?
Charles Schoenvogel
Charles Schoenvogel Hari Yang lalu
most are just giannis dunking lol great content great vid Golden Hoops
Cellus.3 Hari Yang lalu
Just to let you know curry should be MVP because he has been carrying the warriors lately
Carl Lian Mayuga
Carl Lian Mayuga Hari Yang lalu
Im so early my g
ibrahim albari
ibrahim albari Hari Yang lalu
i love this guy
Steph Curry
Steph Curry Hari Yang lalu
That’s my typa dance
Steph Curry
Steph Curry Hari Yang lalu
Golden Hoops still doesn’t have 1 mil? What are we doing 😭
Ethan Smith
Ethan Smith Hari Yang lalu
You're inspirational
D Raynelly
D Raynelly Hari Yang lalu
Hahahahah and yup he deserves 1m for uploading this vids for us.
caoimhin shankeysmith
caoimhin shankeysmith Hari Yang lalu
U tryna get a like from him I know what you up to👀
HG Radio
HG Radio Hari Yang lalu
Idk bro. Get this man to 1 mil for the love of life.
Lashlee Tanega
Lashlee Tanega Hari Yang lalu
Can't wait for the playoffs
Connor Buck
Connor Buck Hari Yang lalu
Can't wait a year from now and get a play in games be different video
J KingGaming
J KingGaming Hari Yang lalu
Yo is that Nikola Jokic
JV Hari Yang lalu
Playoffs really do hit DIFFERENT!!!
georgios Rizos
georgios Rizos Hari Yang lalu
You the goat man
Aaron #DubNation and #Do your Job#
Aaron #DubNation and #Do your Job# Hari Yang lalu
More subscribers ever single day most heated tomorrow I subbed just now