NBA "Too Saucy!" MOMENTS
NBA "Insane Confidence !" MOMENTS
NBA "Team Kendall" MOMENTS
8 hari yang lalu
NBA - Most Savage Plays of 2021 !
LJinDaCut 11 jam yang lalu
top 5 saying from THE commentary 1: OH MYYYYY/ OH MY GOODNESS 2.HUMDILLIDEDOO 3. HOW DO YOU DO 4. a players name 5. OHHHH YEAHHHHH and everything eles he says
Boy You WHAT
Boy You WHAT 11 jam yang lalu
0:46 omg the guy from 2k is in the back no wayyyy
lovetownsend 11 jam yang lalu
My fav compilation is blocked shots :p ty!
MARIA SANCHEZ 11 jam yang lalu
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Dallas Martins
Dallas Martins 11 jam yang lalu
5:47 Sounded weird dude said "Blocked by Giannis" in the exact same tone
Kevin Schmanek
Kevin Schmanek 11 jam yang lalu
is it me or are the cavs on here every single play
rafa diaz
rafa diaz 11 jam yang lalu
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rafa diaz
rafa diaz 11 jam yang lalu
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Nathaniel Lippert
Nathaniel Lippert 11 jam yang lalu
I feel with some blocks and foul calls people need to realize even if its "all ball" that doesn't mean its clean It can be "all ball", but if you slam into the other guy, or your other arm is in the other guys chest, that is still a foul
MARIA SANCHEZ 11 jam yang lalu
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lovetownsend 11 jam yang lalu
Russell Westbrook my fav player lol he's always got that fire
alextb10 11 jam yang lalu
Lmao biggest pussies in the nba. I bet these clown wouldn't talk shit to anyone out on the streets knowing there won't be teammate backing them up.
MARIA SANCHEZ 12 jam yang lalu
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Whoa Bro
Whoa Bro 12 jam yang lalu
Its funny cause I be tryna screeen the fuck out if Beverly On 2k21 and this nigga never gets hit that hard Lmao
TNT SuPreme23
TNT SuPreme23 12 jam yang lalu
If they never blocked them they would have been some pretty good posterizes
carlos cubillo
carlos cubillo 12 jam yang lalu
how do you keep coming up with vid Ideas it would take me so long
Nate O
Nate O 12 jam yang lalu
I know I have a Celtics pfp but... Robert Williams has some NASTY blocks.
春秋夏冬 12 jam yang lalu
Golden hoops really deserves 1 million subs and more
Gathan Borden
Gathan Borden 12 jam yang lalu
2:07 when you forgot the camara angles in 2K be like
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 12 jam yang lalu
Teacher calls on you: panik You guess it right: kalm Teacher asks you to explain: panik
Stephen Curry
Stephen Curry 12 jam yang lalu
Left Right Productions
Left Right Productions 12 jam yang lalu
It’s funny how Zion is in like 80 percent of these clips!
Moonroof 12 jam yang lalu
Soo true
Joseph Church700 Hernandez
Joseph Church700 Hernandez 12 jam yang lalu
I Love this IDpost channel
Ashraf G
Ashraf G 12 jam yang lalu
Awesome vids man, but you don't have to have "NBA" - "MOMENTS" in every video title, haha
MATTHEW AJAYI 12 jam yang lalu
yo the Cavs are the the kings at blocks bruh
Qusai Kloub
Qusai Kloub 13 jam yang lalu
i mean on the block im so dumb lol
Qusai Kloub
Qusai Kloub 13 jam yang lalu
Tacko fall bringing out the statue of liberty on that dunk!!!! lol 1:31
Trenton Woodward
Trenton Woodward 13 jam yang lalu
Qusai Kloub
Qusai Kloub 13 jam yang lalu
ima fan of golden hoops AKA best quote of 2021 keep up the great work man your THE one and only goat
86niisan8686 13 jam yang lalu
not seeing many ankle breakers? all im seeing is drives, stepbacks, crossovers that dont leave opponents out of balance or on the floor but simply creates distance for the handler or make him blow past them.
Maximus Grubbs
Maximus Grubbs 13 jam yang lalu
Jarret Allen is a defensive blessing to the cavs
Maximus Grubbs
Maximus Grubbs 13 jam yang lalu
“I am a fan of Golden Hoops” That is what I say to myself everyday
TheWWEZACH 13 jam yang lalu
Giannis stuffing Zion?
Robby Underwood
Robby Underwood 13 jam yang lalu
I see Steven Adams. I click.
Risao Pfote
Risao Pfote 13 jam yang lalu
Any video that has Curry❤️
RC Oubre
RC Oubre 13 jam yang lalu
Did y'all see Murray's little travel😆
moneyman mike
moneyman mike 13 jam yang lalu
you are a viral video god
Jandrew Pastoril
Jandrew Pastoril 13 jam yang lalu
James is good
Chloe Fuentes
Chloe Fuentes 13 jam yang lalu
How do you find these vids so fast
Elvin jones
Elvin jones 13 jam yang lalu
Love the vid. Keep it up great content.🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥🔥
Gilberto Muratori
Gilberto Muratori 13 jam yang lalu
Me: watch the miniature Always me: finally an entire video of great tackos plays
Luka MilivojevicNBA
Luka MilivojevicNBA 13 jam yang lalu
This channel make best compilations
Eazzy 13 jam yang lalu
ah yes, the only way to stop Bobon is to smack the shit outta his hands lol
CK Kashh
CK Kashh 13 jam yang lalu
yes, i am a fan of golden hoops
Billy Badass
Billy Badass 13 jam yang lalu
He’s fun to watch. So much enthusiasm
SpRiTeƵ N 13 jam yang lalu
So pretty much Zion gets blocks and blocked
Zerno Z
Zerno Z 13 jam yang lalu
At 0:40 number 34 looks like a mix of Karl Anthony towns and Jason Tatum
zombric one
zombric one 13 jam yang lalu
Lol these are heated moments. Proof that nba gets softer and softer thanks to the refs and snowflake players. Barely foul a player slightly harder and they cry or ref gives a stupid tech. Refs definitely making this a make or miss soft league
Arthur Arantes
Arthur Arantes 14 jam yang lalu
My God, it's a lot of money for this guy, he just knows how to run and bury. This guy didn't really have to learn to play basketball. And that in no world is a crossover, okay? He forced the play.
Kiro 14 jam yang lalu
3:16 what a nice fast break play, that was beautiful to watch
Jo 14 jam yang lalu
Thought I’d see more Boucher, and Clint capela
Ben Henderson68
Ben Henderson68 14 jam yang lalu
Jesus is king
SANILION Khatun 14 jam yang lalu
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Yahya Sher
Yahya Sher 14 jam yang lalu
I am a fan of Golden Hoop
Uncut onion 69
Uncut onion 69 14 jam yang lalu
Jay 14 jam yang lalu
NBA refs are soft asf
Devastator Duder
Devastator Duder 14 jam yang lalu
I’m a fan of anytime lebron gets blocked! Need a whole video of that, showing how he is the 👑!!
Sammy Ang
Sammy Ang 14 jam yang lalu
6:40 i was hoping you’d put the boucher block and the toronto commentators “get that garbage outta here” too good 🤣
Dean Maković
Dean Maković 14 jam yang lalu
I love game of basketball. But this NBA ccompared to Europe is soft
Larsanity 14 jam yang lalu
When did the Cavs become one of the better shot blocking teams? I like it.
Khalil fomby
Khalil fomby 14 jam yang lalu
He said “ that was a terrible idea” random trying to dunk on Allen
Maurice Lay
Maurice Lay 14 jam yang lalu
8|24|2 never forget 🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾🙏🏾
M.Adila Pasca
M.Adila Pasca 14 jam yang lalu
We need that 1m
ANIMAL LOVE 14 jam yang lalu
Golden hoops uses bots on this channel, trash
James D
James D 14 jam yang lalu
Ill forever be a fan of Golden Hoops
Yxng G
Yxng G 14 jam yang lalu
You should do a "Get Big Moments" 🤷🏻‍♂️
Jeremy Allen
Jeremy Allen 14 jam yang lalu
Haha, that first one. Picks up the ball fakes behind back, pulls ball forward, and then passes behind back.... No less than 4 steps.
Brent- 923
Brent- 923 14 jam yang lalu
“zIoN cAn OnLy DuNk”
P P Poo Poo
P P Poo Poo 14 jam yang lalu
"Who is a fan of Golden Hoops?" "You are and you are and you are, EVERYONE is a fan of Golden Hoops!"
NAYRAAD 14 jam yang lalu
Wardell got fouled SO MANY TIMES
Caliis Apawu
Caliis Apawu 14 jam yang lalu
is it just me or is lebron getting blocked a lot this year?
Zakariya Ahmad
Zakariya Ahmad 14 jam yang lalu
Whoever can block tacko fall on a dunk is automatically the G.O.A.T
TJ Johnson
TJ Johnson 14 jam yang lalu
"I am a fan of Golden Hoops" Me: That's never gets old
The Add M Channel
The Add M Channel 15 jam yang lalu
A lot of Zion blocks, but what about Zion GETTING Blocked. Dang
TFK RHK 15 jam yang lalu
N.O. CentAJ
N.O. CentAJ 15 jam yang lalu
Where is Kevin Durant 3 point shot against cavs in the same spot in the 4th quarter last minute of the game .In the finals 2017 & 2018 against the cavs. That’s really repeating history both years up 2-0 , Same spot, a minute to go in the game each year.
The Messenger
The Messenger 15 jam yang lalu
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king kawng
king kawng 15 jam yang lalu
Tf was westbrook thinking. Tacko is 7 feet tall bruh
Mubarak Mohamed
Mubarak Mohamed 15 jam yang lalu
Big Goat
Big Goat 15 jam yang lalu
Boban was the real goat during those Clips vs Mavs fights