Most HEATED NBA Moments of 2021! Part 1

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Golden Hoops

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This video features players like: Giannis Antetokounmpo, Jamal Murray, Luka Doncic, Kawhi Leonard, Paul George, Devin Booker, Anthony Davis, Joel Embiid and Stephen Curry

Golden Hoops
Golden Hoops 26 hari yang lalu
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KamaaL Hazzan
KamaaL Hazzan 18 hari yang lalu
@KawhiLowry-Gaming 2²²²²²²²²²²²²²²²2²2²²²²²
Jay Fly
Jay Fly 18 hari yang lalu
Aathi Guna
Aathi Guna 25 hari yang lalu
I always like your videos and always will
Poyraz Durmuş
Poyraz Durmuş 26 hari yang lalu
I want part 2 and I always like it👍👍👍
fatima abd el daim
fatima abd el daim 26 hari yang lalu
Affan Siddiqui
Affan Siddiqui 23 jam yang lalu
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Fajikolpretujik Asrikolretujiker
Fajikolpretujik Asrikolretujiker 3 hari yang lalu
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Fajikolpretujik Asrikolretujiker
Fajikolpretujik Asrikolretujiker 3 hari yang lalu
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][ 3 hari yang lalu
1:15 “look at lamelo so inspirational 😍” - Bleacher report
Micah Roberson
Micah Roberson 4 hari yang lalu
Wats the third song on part 1
Gabriel FunfDrei
Gabriel FunfDrei 4 hari yang lalu
I am no Fan of GoldenHoops
Jake the dog
Jake the dog 5 hari yang lalu
ever notice how russ never looks at whoever he's chirping xD i don't think it's outta fear or anything, just something interesting about his way of trash talking
Will Hughes
Will Hughes 6 hari yang lalu
1:28 woman to the rescue lol
LONG LIVE ART 6 hari yang lalu
Detroit fun to watch 😆
Michael Mann
Michael Mann 6 hari yang lalu
Booker calling George a soft ass is a solid statement
Dirk DiLan Galang
Dirk DiLan Galang 7 hari yang lalu
7:04 be like SPARTANS!
Вероника Красновская
Вероника Красновская 7 hari yang lalu
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alex ramirez
alex ramirez 8 hari yang lalu
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chr eh
chr eh 10 hari yang lalu
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Matthew Bryant
Matthew Bryant 12 hari yang lalu
Why was reggie upset
Takashima Cota
Takashima Cota 13 hari yang lalu
The NBA today is a joke its very very sad👍🏻👽👽
Super Mystogan Bros
Super Mystogan Bros 15 hari yang lalu
Yuta watanabe🤣🤣
Henry Kristofani
Henry Kristofani 15 hari yang lalu
Zion holds the thanos mode 😭
Justin Margate
Justin Margate 15 hari yang lalu
6:28 look at Danny Green!!! HAHA
Navarro Azizi
Navarro Azizi 16 hari yang lalu
NBA players failed
xrcoh 17 hari yang lalu
1:25 im sorry? a little shove? thats a fucking flagrant foul MINIMUM. countless injurys have happenened by what biyombo did.
batuhan biner
batuhan biner 17 hari yang lalu
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Dee double u
Dee double u 18 hari yang lalu
I watched that draymond green and lenard clip again and green definitely pulled him down smh that was intentional
Jael Rivero
Jael Rivero 18 hari yang lalu
Great videos
Noah Reta
Noah Reta 18 hari yang lalu
Stanely Johnson should be luka's nightmare
matt 18 hari yang lalu
2:20 my man trae just wants a dap from rondo 🥲
M.F GAMING 20 hari yang lalu
Grayson Allen is trash
Pxnic 21 hari yang lalu
Luca dončić
bruh 22 hari yang lalu
man looks like a whole ninja turtle in the thumbnail lool.
Kzax 22 hari yang lalu
Big fan!
John Smith
John Smith 22 hari yang lalu
How do commentators not think that Draymond foul on Kawhi was a tech? The dude literally latches his fucking hand around Kawhi's arm. It didn't just magically get locked in place. He goes to slap his arm, then wraps it around lol
Kris George
Kris George 23 hari yang lalu
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Luciano Briones
Luciano Briones 23 hari yang lalu
Montrezl Harrel gets mad if you succsesfully guard him
TeeKay Robinson
TeeKay Robinson 23 hari yang lalu
Shit weak
adamjr11 23 hari yang lalu
pistonn trobel maker
Minuka james
Minuka james 23 hari yang lalu
Honestly, after watching this, I have new respect for lamelo amd lavar ball
John Ramirez
John Ramirez 24 hari yang lalu
Should be like hockey. Let them throw blows.
Shelby Pace
Shelby Pace 24 hari yang lalu
Damn the pistons are about that action
Gary Deas
Gary Deas 24 hari yang lalu
"And Whiteside MUGGED" 😂😂😂
DarkBear213 24 hari yang lalu
I didn’t think Kawhi would be here.
EsF .D
EsF .D 24 hari yang lalu
Russ my favorite player but hes always on this and im glad hes like that tho hes competitveness is fun to watch
Trevor Irvin
Trevor Irvin 24 hari yang lalu
Trae got left hanging by Rondo
Meme Steam
Meme Steam 24 hari yang lalu
westbrook can be such an ass sometimes
Ann Grace Garduque
Ann Grace Garduque 24 hari yang lalu
Gsw decisively wants to murder kawhi..
Kazicentas 24 hari yang lalu
NBA ,,Back at it'' Moments Part 1
Ledif Acebar
Ledif Acebar 24 hari yang lalu
Draymond green F U
jahi 24 hari yang lalu
My gosh man why zion is acting cute HAHAHAHA
Nate Secured
Nate Secured 25 hari yang lalu
“It’s not a heated moment without the Morris dude.” - Flight Reacts, 2020
Weston Miller
Weston Miller 25 hari yang lalu
Cornez White
Cornez White 25 hari yang lalu
I mess wit rondo but he literally played 1 minute in the finals bro.
Liam Goodger
Liam Goodger 22 hari yang lalu
Celtics days?
Jenna Tools
Jenna Tools 25 hari yang lalu
damn Rondo left Young hanging 2:21 😂😂😂
Aathi Guna
Aathi Guna 25 hari yang lalu
you def getting a million subs this year
BALLERS PLAY 25 hari yang lalu
My favorite Golden Hoops videos are " MOST HEATED MOMENTS" WHO ELSE??????????????????
Fayez Bilal
Fayez Bilal 25 hari yang lalu
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Matthew Lominy
Matthew Lominy 25 hari yang lalu
The funny passive allegedly hover because anthony unsurprisingly jog down a wrathful gray. steep, broken handicap
Bp officiel
Bp officiel 25 hari yang lalu
90% of the clip is for Detroit
Me 25 hari yang lalu
Embiid vs ad was not angry moment
ko be
ko be 25 hari yang lalu
JUST A LIL BLACK 25 hari yang lalu
Just a idea. U could make most heated moments of "player". So like most heated of different player in the league.
Basilis Stratis
Basilis Stratis 25 hari yang lalu
The episode I was waiting for
YTrookie 25 hari yang lalu
10 mineutes of most heated moments and we are just in finished the first monthe of the year
Samuel Laurent
Samuel Laurent 25 hari yang lalu
5:53 this instrumental 🤤🤤😇
Microhard bill door
Microhard bill door 25 hari yang lalu
Where is LBJ rko embiid?
Just Dat Man
Just Dat Man 26 hari yang lalu
Murray hit him were it hurts he was trying tto get up tho he just happened to be standing over murray sorry im a nuggets fan💛💙
Vilant ø
Vilant ø 26 hari yang lalu
Who else think Russ look goody with 4 as his number
Hoops Highlights PH
Hoops Highlights PH 26 hari yang lalu
check my channel i hope u watch my new video NBA "Catch and finish" moments and NBA "Poster Dunk" moments 2021 season..
Jeremiah Martin v2
Jeremiah Martin v2 26 hari yang lalu
these beats are sexy
Hector Torres
Hector Torres 26 hari yang lalu
8:58 damn book ain’t gotta do that to PG😂😂💀
Mattstack 911
Mattstack 911 24 hari yang lalu
He called him a Soft Ass N
Danilo P
Danilo P 26 hari yang lalu
The hawks jersey is like from warriors jersey LOOK AT CURRY MAN SO INSPIRATIONAL
Ace Davis
Ace Davis 26 hari yang lalu
Curry to Jamal he was like “calm down Jamal don’t pull out the 9”
poophehlol 26 hari yang lalu
Sevan Randell
Sevan Randell 26 hari yang lalu
hello my g
Davione 26 hari yang lalu
We don’t care that you’re a fan of golden hoops
Elevator Elliot
Elevator Elliot 26 hari yang lalu
Where is Morris and Cousins and Johnson and Martin.
Yung Wither
Yung Wither 26 hari yang lalu
Murray was kinda sus
Easy money sniper AKA FaKe Kd
Easy money sniper AKA FaKe Kd 26 hari yang lalu
1:26 Me:okay there fighting Ref:WHOA WHOA WHOA WHOA
Adan Perry
Adan Perry 26 hari yang lalu
Mark Jackson has gotta be kidding in that Kawhi clip
LouanneLouanne AndreulaAndreula
LouanneLouanne AndreulaAndreula 26 hari yang lalu
The extra-large extra-small exuberant ladybug regionally shelter because music obviously consist by a imperfect creator. certain, ready bracket
Elvie Yalung
Elvie Yalung 26 hari yang lalu
I am a fan of golden hoops!!!!!?
Chauncey Jr 98
Chauncey Jr 98 26 hari yang lalu
9:39 reggie jackson looking like aint shit finna happened calm yo ass down pg 😭🤣
Blare Mathey
Blare Mathey 26 hari yang lalu
The natural gladiolus simplistically sigh because secretary analogously heap of a racial fat. ambiguous, embarrassed water
King Aryan
King Aryan 26 hari yang lalu
Uk gang
Rodjenel Yap
Rodjenel Yap 26 hari yang lalu
Draymund's foul was not dirty? Wtf he clearly grabbed kwahi's arm in mid air.
Thomas Gaskin
Thomas Gaskin 26 hari yang lalu
Pistons are have been physical since like 1986
Aro Rak
Aro Rak 26 hari yang lalu
I swear Im really tired of Westbrook He's begin to be so annoying
Simp Police
Simp Police 26 hari yang lalu
You misspelled Westbrick
Michael 26 hari yang lalu
Nah I'm not hawks. It's looks like after all his personal achievement. Now he's trying to win "the most dominant person in the league". Maybe he have another way to win it except win a chip.
Lucas Campus
Lucas Campus 26 hari yang lalu
@Michael Ukpabi lol you’re a hawks fan sit down
Michael Ukpabi
Michael Ukpabi 26 hari yang lalu
I know right
DeLollers Preysler
DeLollers Preysler 26 hari yang lalu
Paul George it’s like neymar... a crying ass baby.
I Asked
I Asked 26 hari yang lalu
I think your talking about embiid
Toxxic2L -_-
Toxxic2L -_- 26 hari yang lalu
nikola živković
nikola živković 26 hari yang lalu
bruh where is the 'cousins vs morris' in rockets vs leakers?
Jason Rached
Jason Rached 26 hari yang lalu
4:02 bruh like their never was Covid
Zinc FN
Zinc FN 26 hari yang lalu
To everyone reading this your cool and amazing hope you are safe during these tough time may god bless you and your family 😀
Gary Aronald
Gary Aronald Hari Yang lalu
Peace and Blessings to you too brother
Owen 6 hari yang lalu
Same bro
John Naesa
John Naesa 22 hari yang lalu
You too bro 💚
Itz Vaniushi
Itz Vaniushi 24 hari yang lalu
Bless bro same to you 🙌
stacy kpozandji
stacy kpozandji 26 hari yang lalu
can u do a video of the new recruits please
bleach 26 hari yang lalu
i’m surprised the one between the lakers and rockets wasn’t here lmao
Alma Phanor
Alma Phanor 26 hari yang lalu
The intro song be hitting
Logan Eang
Logan Eang 26 hari yang lalu
b b
b b 26 hari yang lalu
What happend with the first one, Zion? Was he in foul trouble? Or injury?
J I 26 hari yang lalu
I just woke up
Damian Jefferson
Damian Jefferson 26 hari yang lalu
Why is the thumbnail Westbrook crying 🤣
Prodigy LV ツ
Prodigy LV ツ 26 hari yang lalu
aye that why theyre called the denver nuggets 😂 cause the hit nuggets🤣
Victor Yongchu
Victor Yongchu 26 hari yang lalu
These are the soft techs I want in 2k22 but I know it’ll never happen
EljayRiley Boado
EljayRiley Boado 26 hari yang lalu
I’m a fan of golden hoops
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