Steph Curry's BEST Season Ever! - 2021 Highlights

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He's too inspirational - Here's part 2 of Curry's 2021 season highlights! Enjoy! Golden Hoops Merch:
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Livinity 3 jam yang lalu
Curry doing good because he has to rely on himself to carry the warriors because klay is injured curry’s putting 200% effort to play.
Michael Onwuamaegbu
Michael Onwuamaegbu 7 jam yang lalu
Tbh the Warriors need the Hornets commentators
MrThinkTwice 15 jam yang lalu
This man is too clutch for me its scary, it's like he perfected the 3 point shooting, every time he shoots you can feel it going in, the kid in curry has never left and the court is his playground
Edward Samaniego
Edward Samaniego 19 jam yang lalu
Excite the game man,go,go,playoffs
Shawn Kim
Shawn Kim 20 jam yang lalu
I truly believe with all my heart that Jesus Christ is the son of the living God. He is the way, the truth, the life. Amen
Eason Li
Eason Li Hari Yang lalu
All these times when the warriors start walking back when he released the shot
Jeff Musgrave
Jeff Musgrave 2 hari yang lalu
His world championship and unanimous vote for MVP I don't think this season will top that no way!!!!!!😉😁 This season's not even close by his standards.
David Robles
David Robles 2 hari yang lalu
Human aimbot
Braylon L
Braylon L 2 hari yang lalu
I love the he plays ball man
Freddy Leon Robles
Freddy Leon Robles 3 hari yang lalu
Curry te demuestra como ser más con sus triplazos que son lo máximo
Emanuel Harris
Emanuel Harris 3 hari yang lalu
Treyll Bell
Treyll Bell 3 hari yang lalu
dosent make since
Bugsy Sigel
Bugsy Sigel 3 hari yang lalu
What instrumental is that?
Joe GARCIA 3 hari yang lalu
He grown on me.... His 3's keep it raining like THUNDER !!
Leo Rosales
Leo Rosales 3 hari yang lalu
best player in the world period. makes playing basketball look easy.
William Hayes
William Hayes 4 hari yang lalu
7:14 anyone know this epidemic trap music?
Deha Doganci
Deha Doganci 4 hari yang lalu
It the hair that does it all
N. S.
N. S. 4 hari yang lalu
Watch closely.. he defeated all five opponents here 8:30
Andrew Thomas
Andrew Thomas 4 hari yang lalu
Best? What about the season that he beat MJ for most wins? Sorry, I gotta give it to that one.
Fred Amos
Fred Amos 5 hari yang lalu
Curry is going down as one of the best scorers in NBA history.
Stephen Philipps
Stephen Philipps 6 hari yang lalu
Curry can get the Warriors to the playoffs this year, if they can turn around games like losses to the Magic I believe it was the other day and Hornets today into wins, then they can get there. But would be hard to see them competing with fully fit teams with their main players in e.g. Lakers with Lebron, AD, Schroder etc. fit, Nets with Harden, Durant and Irving fit and so on. But with Klay back and maybe a big in, in the off season who knows for next year, but they're a better chance with Klay. Having only gotten into the Warriors more since they've had at least one of or both those two out for over a year now from back in late 2019 probably December back then, will be keen to see that moment where the two of them step onto the court for the first time next season together. For now though, just enjoying the Warriors' better form than last season with Steph being one of the big reasons for that lol ahaha
Zackman 5000
Zackman 5000 6 hari yang lalu
MVP? No doubt about it
Zackman 5000
Zackman 5000 4 hari yang lalu
Well I think that if he keeps up what he's doin they will be on their way to the playoffs
Gian Silvestre
Gian Silvestre 5 hari yang lalu
If the warriors didn't make the playoffs can he get it?
chris konda
chris konda 6 hari yang lalu
curry he just build different
NBA ACTION 7 hari yang lalu
#stephcurry weak cluch shot #damelillard best cluch shot long three pointer Dame lillard best pointguard curry just make curry in the camp just where the camp is because he was nervous
Gian Silvestre
Gian Silvestre 5 hari yang lalu
Curry's three point percentage is actually better than lillard.
Caleb Berry
Caleb Berry 7 hari yang lalu
if they can win games, he’s winning MVP without a doubt
Jake Desnaque
Jake Desnaque 7 hari yang lalu
What separates steph from the rest of great bball players are his excellent feel/touch on the ball & ring/backboard and excellent court & player awareness... Every great player has the great skills and high IQ but not all, has the aforesaid intangibles... You dont need to be that tall and that high to jump to be an excellent bball player.
Kieran Crockett
Kieran Crockett 8 hari yang lalu
The fact that The Warriors were the worst team in the league last year really shows how much of a difference this man makes to a franchise...And kind of the league in general.. He's probably my number 1 candidate for MVP right now, even though Bradley Beal playing real well too.
Havoline Havoline
Havoline Havoline 8 hari yang lalu
2016 curry is back!
claudio canaca
claudio canaca 8 hari yang lalu
Curry the best NBA...
Trae Ellsberry
Trae Ellsberry 9 hari yang lalu
How the hell you gone break yo own ankle and still hit the shot in the defender face 🤦🏽‍♂️ 5:05
放っておけEunos-Senpai 9 hari yang lalu
Firstly, get my mans to 1 mil! All the vids are fire! Yes I mean you golden hoops. Secondly, gahdayum Steph chill!
Edwin Speegle
Edwin Speegle 9 hari yang lalu
The nba bases "MVP" off of record, it's most value PLAYER not Team. Steph has every right to win MVP
Forty Deuce
Forty Deuce 9 hari yang lalu
Un Stoppable!!!
Telmuun 9 hari yang lalu
his prime time is coming..
Razen _
Razen _ 9 hari yang lalu
NBA ACTION 9 hari yang lalu
steph curry so inspirational👌
aleksey aleksey
aleksey aleksey 9 hari yang lalu
Imagine if players were allowed to touch Leflop like they hack Curry? Leflop would be a 12ppg average bench player
aleksey aleksey
aleksey aleksey 9 hari yang lalu
Curry is probably the most fouled player in the game right now
Hoàng Minh Đinh
Hoàng Minh Đinh 10 hari yang lalu
You should do curry teeth safe Asmr😋🤪
Hoàng Minh Đinh
Hoàng Minh Đinh 10 hari yang lalu
You should do curry teeth safe Asmr😋🤪
Mercado John Arnie D.
Mercado John Arnie D. 10 hari yang lalu
He's playing like it's 2014-16 again. People forget that before KD, this guy is the heart and soul of the team.
Elijah Kairos
Elijah Kairos 10 hari yang lalu
no lakers highlights???
KING JOE 10 hari yang lalu
He’s the real best player in my opinion.
John Paul Espulgar
John Paul Espulgar 10 hari yang lalu
Curry is a non cheater player but tag as a cheat code player
The Beets
The Beets 10 hari yang lalu
Curry all the wayyyy
Cinek marcinek
Cinek marcinek 10 hari yang lalu
Ulrick Ntsah
Ulrick Ntsah 10 hari yang lalu
I'm starting to think Stephen Curry is in his prime.
Gian Silvestre
Gian Silvestre 5 hari yang lalu
@Eclipse 2030? I don't think he will play until that time.
Eclipse 9 hari yang lalu
2014 was the beginning 2021 is the middle his prime will end at 2030
YAboiRyan 10 hari yang lalu
wolwie 10 hari yang lalu
2021 goldenstate warriors aka. curry
wolwie 10 hari yang lalu
goldenstate hoops
Hannes Rodriguez
Hannes Rodriguez 10 hari yang lalu
He's more fun with the crowd
Clement Eyo
Clement Eyo 11 hari yang lalu
look at that, curry leading scoring, it's 2016 all over again
PIS PIS 11 hari yang lalu
Aparecido Rodrigues
Aparecido Rodrigues 11 hari yang lalu
The best MVP
Phil Bukhala
Phil Bukhala 11 hari yang lalu
He looks like a created 99ovr 2k player
Phil Bukhala
Phil Bukhala 11 hari yang lalu
Curry is basketball's Messi😄
Raul Alvarez
Raul Alvarez 11 hari yang lalu
All of y’all that be hating on him keep hating cuz he use y’all as motivation he gonna be even better cuz of haters
Raul Alvarez
Raul Alvarez 11 hari yang lalu
Curry be giving them a dance class every time he got defenders on him
chico anand
chico anand 9 hari yang lalu
Raul Alvarez
Raul Alvarez 11 hari yang lalu
This team should have no won 2 games whit out him
Raul Alvarez
Raul Alvarez 11 hari yang lalu
Idk why y’all expect his to be top 5 seed does he have to drop 100 points a game play every position in basketball or what
barman nj gaming
barman nj gaming 11 hari yang lalu
no hi sbest season was when kd was with him or 2016
Comedy TV
Comedy TV 11 hari yang lalu
looks like curry is a ceiling raiser and a floor raiser lol. he just makes every team better.
Kaden Dunk
Kaden Dunk 11 hari yang lalu
Making it look like 2k Mycareer
amarbrown9 11 hari yang lalu
Curry sidestep 3🤧
Groovyg_ 11 hari yang lalu
This man curry really is trying to get his moments galaxy opal in 2k21
NexxU 11 hari yang lalu
Levi Tomic
Levi Tomic 11 hari yang lalu
curry for mvp11!!!1!11!!!1
NG PHAK CHANG Moe 12 hari yang lalu
help golden hoops reach 1 million
Lee Jester Trinidad
Lee Jester Trinidad 12 hari yang lalu
Not best seasons: Won 2 MVPs Best season : 🤔
Sony Lamour
Sony Lamour 12 hari yang lalu
i sub for Curry
DEAUNDRE MARLEY RUMAL 12 hari yang lalu
Alex Cervantes
Alex Cervantes 12 hari yang lalu
2:00 holy shit wtf even the defender was amazed
greenbc317 12 hari yang lalu
Man!! he's an amazing three point shooter!!!
FlashCombo 12 hari yang lalu
These highlights make me think MJ is looking overrated now.
Kyle Cobb
Kyle Cobb 10 hari yang lalu
I’d say he was, absolutely no one was doing this type of stuff when he played
Doug Vmb
Doug Vmb 12 hari yang lalu
I subscribed
Alex 23
Alex 23 12 hari yang lalu
I don't understand how people are so quick to dismiss an All-time great 🤷‍♂️
MrJamal657 12 hari yang lalu
I originally came here for 1:54 the handles and footwork on that small play was underrated
Velinci 12 hari yang lalu
So inspirational.
Syril wayne Cuneta
Syril wayne Cuneta 12 hari yang lalu
Steph curry can be compared to a legendary pokemon in a pokemon game, his shooting and drives to the rim are almost unguardable.
General ProYT
General ProYT 13 hari yang lalu
Some fools thingking he will be like D Rose when he gets injured and left being a fan of the warriors and said damian lilard is better🤣🤣 because he got injured what now haters?
Gian Silvestre
Gian Silvestre 5 hari yang lalu
A lebron fan once said indirectly that you can't admire one's greatness(Curry) while admiring one's greatness too(LeBron) which doesn't make any sense.
Tony Olise
Tony Olise 13 hari yang lalu
I still do not understand what the MVP is all about!!! So a good player in the 8th seed or 12th seed shouldn't give his best simply because his team are not winning games? MVP is an individual accolade to motivate every player to be their best, and not a team accolade... Curry should be way way ahead in the MVP race. If he can carry a g-league team in the playoff spot, come on the guy is just too great... put LeBron into this same team and watch how they would stay or they would remain at the bottom of the table with people, fans and media analyst yelling bron has no help!!! Curry is the greatest player of all time in the NBA
Bisaya ML
Bisaya ML 13 hari yang lalu
Steph beast season ever!!
King Xaba
King Xaba 13 hari yang lalu
CHRISTOPHER PEASE 13 hari yang lalu
MVP for sure
Ariel Mateo
Ariel Mateo 13 hari yang lalu
John Solobro
John Solobro 13 hari yang lalu
Greatest shooter of all time, but if God doesn't care about war, hunger, and injustice, he doesn't give two about your three pointer. Stop pointing up everytime haha.
Jericho Diaz
Jericho Diaz 13 hari yang lalu
Arturo Tovar
Arturo Tovar 13 hari yang lalu
if curry keeps it up at this rate he has a really good change of getting MVP this year
chico anand
chico anand 9 hari yang lalu
Karim Karroum
Karim Karroum 13 hari yang lalu
His second of all time shot is just lightning fast!!! How does he shot this fast!!!!????
Doctor Sam
Doctor Sam 13 hari yang lalu
Imagine if Steph had the kind of help Jokic or Durant or Lebron or Embiid had. Bruh once Klay comes back it's championship or bust for Warriors
Lil crazies
Lil crazies 13 hari yang lalu
Let’s go he post so much there’s so much to watch
Aiden Tlow
Aiden Tlow 13 hari yang lalu
Curry for MVP???
4pf ahmed
4pf ahmed 13 hari yang lalu
is this guy fucked this not his best season
Jay Adam
Jay Adam 13 hari yang lalu
Steph the point god
Miami Heat305
Miami Heat305 13 hari yang lalu
If klay is back to the top level next season I think their gonna be title contenders
RAVINDRA 13 hari yang lalu
Imagine if the warriors had klay
Chris B.
Chris B. 13 hari yang lalu
Hey Dame, who's the better point guard again?
Sukma 13 hari yang lalu
steph is my MVP if GSW finish atleast in 4 seed
ffallenaangel 13 hari yang lalu
No. He is just playinh alone
Landon Bigelow
Landon Bigelow 13 hari yang lalu
Get rid of the adds
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